25 Photos: #PrayforParis Donations

Let us #PrayforParis. The horrific terrorism perpetrated upon the Parisian people yesterday is a mind-numbing reminder that freedom is not free. Rebecca and I were near the stadium and other key landmarks just one week ago. Many family and friends checked in with us, and we were relieved to tell them we were home. My cousin, Fred, and his family who live in Paris, and who we had dinner with just last week, are also unharmed. But it was frightening not to hear from him for 12 hours. He wrote me this morning saying “We have no words to explain. It’s just horrible. But we must be strong. Life must go on.”
Editing these photos stirred a range of emotions, as Rebecca and I were in Paris to celebrate the love of our couple, Devon & Keeyon, who chose to bring us to Paris to document their wedding. This trip was also meant to celebrate 10 years of love and marriage for myself and Rebecca’s, as our official anniversary is the 26th, this Thanksgiving Day. It’s confounding looking at these photos today, and so the only action that felt right was to celebrate Paris as the magnificent city it is, and decide to help in any way I could.
So below are 25 of my favorite landscapes from our recent trip, including mostly the Eiffel Tower (since we stayed on the Seine beneath the landmark), Notre Dame, Sacre Couer and the Louvre Museum. We hope you’ll purchase a print, as JPG will donate all the proceeds raised by the end of this year to a relief organization or to a fund helping the families experiencing this tragic loss.
To purchase a print: An 8×12 is $25 including tax and shipping. Other sizes available, too. Please e-mail me,
A. When inquiring, let me know which print you would like by number below, the size, your shipping address, and a way to contact you.
B. (Prints will NOT have our logo.) #PrayforParis can be added to any print upon request.
Thank you, and please, #PrayforParis today, and hug your loved ones.
Joe G
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11. _G5D8902-11
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17. _G5D9042-17
18. _G5D9046-18
19. _G5D9069-19
20. _G5D9089-20
21. _G5D9093-21
22. _G5D9097-22
23. _G5D9109-23
24. _G5D9113-24
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26. 27-2-_G5D9946-ed

27. 26-2-_G5D9942-ed

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