Fall Family Photos with JPG

Soon…and it can’t come fast enough…the leaves are changing, the air will be crisp and the flannels shall come out to play! Autumn is fast approaching and it’s a beautiful time of the year to have some family photos taken.
Many people know us for weddings and big events, but forget that our documentation style and amazing portraiture are great for newborn and growing family portraits. It’s especially wonderful for us when we receive a request for a family shoot from a couple who’s wedding we photographed because we love continuing the relationship past the wedding day and into life’s major milestones.
This time of year is optimal is optimal if you’re looking to create a holiday card with a picture of your gorgeous family. If you’re thinking of family photos as a stuffy situation where everyone is dressed the same, get that idea out of your head. There are many ways a family shoot can be done. We can go the more traditional route, pick a beautiful park or location that’s special to you and have stunning photos taken at sunset. This will never fail to impress Grandma.
If you’re more adventurous, a day in the life shoot will be more what you’re looking for. This is a activity based shoot where we would spend time with your family in your natural habitat. Playing legos with your son, drawing color chalk on the driveway with your daughter, trying to feed your baby messy spaghetti.
Make sure that if you have little ones, we schedule the shoot after nap time when they’ll be at their calmest and sweetest. These colors won’t be here for long; lets make some memories!
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