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We’ve spent the past 18 years capturing moments that matter to people like you. JPG Photo & Video comprises our group of award-winning photographers who focus on documenting moments without intruding on an event. We push creative boundaries and provide strong visuals that tell your story with care. We use our skills, humor and sense of adventure to capture emotion and document moments you never want to forget. We refuse to be boring and truly care about telling your story.

Moments that matter,
we are there

We now have more than 1,500 weddings, films, and photo booths on our resume, and none of them are the same in style, personality, or vision. We are entering our 15th year of business, and we continue to try to do something different every shoot, whether it’s see one of our favorite venues from a different angle or using drone footage to create dramatic visuals. We are the Philadelphia photography team with the experience, awards and professional equipment necessary for success. JPG clients trust us to get the job done right, the first time.

Prices & Rates

Prices & Rates

Weddings & Engagements

Full day weddings (photo or video)

Starts at $3,250

Partial day weddings (photo or video)

Starts at $2,500


Starts at $600


Individual and family on-location portrait sessions

Starts at $600


This includes all corporate functions and events. For videography please inquire with JPG to receive a customized quote

$500 per hour for photo, video inquire

Commercial Headshots

On-location headshots where we come to you. Varies depending on the number of individuals needing. Organizations seeking bulk headshots, please inquire for pricing

Please inquire


This includes all charity and non-profit functions, fundraisers, and events. For videography please inquire with JPG to receive a customized quote

$300-400 per hour for photo, video inquire

Editorial and Political

This type of advertising work’s pricing varies based on size of team and image usage

Please inquire


When you hire JPG, we’re more like another member of the wedding party, not just a random vendor. Since 2005, JPG artists continually generate award-winning creative. We find these great moments because we emphasize building a rapport before the day, having a laugh — and maybe a drink, wink:wink. And when you feel comfortable with your team, you act more like yourself and we love it! Hire JPG if you want real emotion, energy and love. Hire us if you’re tired of boring, cheesy portraits. Hire the JPG Team if you’re ready to share what brings you joy, gets you to smile and makes your love special. Let’s have fun and allow us to capture this amazing day.

It’s how we read a day and a couple. You’re hiring us for more than clicking a button. You hire us because after 1,000 weddings, we know how to tell the crazy uncle that we’re not going to take his weird photo idea, and pull you in the other direction. We know how to read that you need a break, bring you a drink, or find you a quiet spot to take it all in. There’s a reason why hundreds of couples have said that we were the best decision they made for their big day. We want to be that comforting every time.

Being real and genuine are two of the virtues we love. By being in the moment, and not forced, you feel more like you. And we take better pictures by being less intrusive. These principles guide us, and they come from the owner, Joe G, who learned them himself as a newspaper photojournalist serving multiple papers across the mid-Atlantic during his career. The JPG team comprises photographers and videographers who pride themselves on documenting real life with these same natural principles. Let’s focus on great moments together.

JPG comprises a great team of people all with the same philosophy of finding great moments and making them happy. Clearly, everyone can’t specialize in everything. But with a team of 25+ team members — staff and freelancers — someone on the JPG team always has the expertise you’re looking for.
– On the personal side, we document weddings, engagements, proposals, families, boudoir, newborns, maternity with photo and video services.
– On the commercial side, we create commercials, advertisements, headshots, food and editorial campaigns, event coverage, lifestyle ads, imagery for non-profits, political campaigns, 360-degree photos with architectural work, and aerial drone footage.

All of our clients may request a specific photographer or videographer to serve as their primary for their big day. We work to assign that artist to you, but due to schedules and availability, we can’t always guarantee that person. The entire team is well versed in the same principles, skills and values, and within 3 months of the big day, we assign your team. And all editing, photo and video, stays within the JPG team, so it will have the same consistent look and feel as the other work you see on our Web site and recent social media.

We do, and we prefer working together. Therefore, when we can work together, we offer a discount on the total package to encourage hiring us for both services.

We ask couples to put their start times for key wedding traditions, such as the ceremony and reception into our contracts to serve as guidance. But we understand, things may change months later. What’s important is keeping the date, but the times can move as needed. There is no fee to move the times, unless by doing so requires us to add coverage to provide the same high quality of work.

Our work must remain consistent across the board. We say we document 75%-80% of the day naturally, without posing or stopping the action. We certainly document beautiful details, attire, portraits, family shots and wedding party images. But on a 10-hour day for example, about 2-3 hours will comprise portraits and details, and the remaining 7-8 hours should be natural. We can shoot even more photojournalism and fewer portraits, but we don’t wish to do less photojournalism.

Editing and retouching are terms the public use interchangeably, but they are different. At JPG, editing means enhancing a photo by cropping, correcting color, fixing shadows or adding light. But everything we enhance already exists by showcasing what is real. Retouching, however, is manipulating images to remove unwanted elements. Retouching takes significant time, and is not included. If you have a pimple on your day, will we remove it from your 1 or 2 of your beautiful couple portraits, absolutely. But removing it from 500 photos, no, we can’t do that for free. If you have a request, let’s chat about how we can make it possible, but our default is to say real life is great the way it is.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because we get this notification a lot. Our belief is that you typically feel awkward in photos if you don’t trust what you’re doing or don’t feel comfortable with your photographer/videographer. That’s why we work to build a rapport and create scenes and give direction that feels like you. You don’t want a shot in front of the Love Park sign. Great! Neither do we. But you love ice cream? Let’s go get some and have fun.

While we are based in Philadelphia, JPG works anywhere in the world we can safely get to. We’ve worked destination weddings on 3 continents and many Caribbean Islands. We love to travel and document somewhere new. We also travel domestically often, and we know how to load up our car or pack our bags for a flight. Locally, we include up to 50 miles roundtrip for free (or 1 hour in the car) for all non-wedding events from our home location of 180 Green Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19127. For weddings, we include up to 100 miles roundtrip for free (or 2 hours in the car). After this initial radius, we charge $2-$3 per mile plus tolls, tips, hotels and parking. Once we know venues, we calculate a budget and discuss how we can make it work with your needs.
Non-Wedding Examples:
Free: For all of Philadelphia to Valley Forge, South Jersey and Media.
$50: West Chester. $125: Longwood Gardens. $250: Jersey Shore.
$350: Baltimore or NYC. $500. Washington D.C.

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