Senior Portrait #4: Bella in Ambler

Our fourth senior portrait shoot featured the excitable Bella! Bella is another student from Wissahickon High School, who enjoys having fun, singing, and playing the flute. We decided that a photo shoot in the cozy town of Ambler would show off her vibrant personality.
We started on the main line, outside of the movie theater, where she smiled happily underneath the marquee. Then we moved to the Alley of the Arts, and she pulled out some awesome diva moves with her microphone (which she got for her birthday!) next to the huge mural.
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Bella’s a musician, so we couldn’t resist having her pull out her flute and strike a pose. We capped off our shoot near the local Rita’s, and enjoyed some frozen custard (with sprinkles of course).
We can’t stress enough how much we loved shooting with Bella! She was so energetic and excited about the shoot, making it so much more fun to work with her. And, since she’s such a lovely performer, perhaps she will consider JPG to take care of all her musical photography needs in the future when she’s famous! Bella, thanks for letting us document your story!
Corinne and Lynn

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