Home Sweet Home: Our New Manayunk Studio

It is still sinking in, but we are home! It has been a non-stop unpacking, refurbishing, painting, cleaning frenzy but this place is seriously looking good! The new JPG office has roughly (I’m modestly estimating here) 400x the space as our old one, which means…happier staff, happier clients, happier me.

I am already envisioning the possibilities we have here. I see the effort that we are all making to turn this space into one that feel like ours as color is added to the walls as well as our art works from years of photography. We have already made one of our dreams for the office a reality with the completion of a beautiful in-house photography studio. With every new idea that I hear from my family and my crew, I am all the more invigorated for us to make our mark in Manayunk.

Rebecca and I would like to thank our awesome JPG team, as well as Old City Movers — I am told their beards and tattoos built their credibility with some of our team — but they were extremely efficient. Thank you to Steve Szrankowski and SFS General Contractors for your masterful handiwork. For everything we wanted to change, Steve had a solution for it and made it happen. Thanks to our families for your incredible support. And to our clients, we appreciate your patience and cheers during our transition!


Joe G.


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