Senior Portrait #3: Sarah at Rose Tree Park

Our third photo shoot from our senior portrait contest was with Sarah, the recent graduate of Haverford High School! Sarah loves being involved in theater and acting, and she also loves the beauty of nature, so we took the opportunity to visit Rose Tree Park for some photos at an amphitheater and in the park grounds.
We met Sarah there with her brother, whom she “dragged along” to carry her change of clothes. It was actually kind of funny to see them badger each other! We started at the amphitheater and moved to a nearby dressing room, so that we could highlight her love of drama.Then we took a trip down a dirt path into a wooded area, where the light peaked beautifully through the trees.
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Sarah was a trooper as she took off her shoes and walked through the creek. Plus we got to witness a hardcore spider fight! We ended the day with a buffalo chicken dip picnic, where she and her brother took a nice photo together.
Sarah was a lot of fun to shoot because she had zero inhibitions. She was exactly the type of girl JPG was looking for – silly, daring, and trusting. We’re grateful to have that photo opportunity with her. And hey, when she makes it big, maybe she’ll remember who took her awesome portraits!
Corinne and Lynn

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