Senior Portrait #2: Rob in Old City

Next up on our senior portrait photo shoot extravaganza was Rob! Rob just recently graduated from Springfield High School and prides himself on his love for theater and reading/writing. He wrote to us, requesting a shoot in a library somewhere, but we had another idea – why not take some photos at a local Old City bookstore?!
Okay, in fairness, we didn’t know we would stumble across this bookstore, but Rob was ready and willing to give anything a shot. The shop absolutely thrilled him, since he told us that his story was so heavily influenced by books. We took some great shots of him reading between the stacks.
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Then we moved over to Elfreth’s Alley, popularly known as “our nation’s oldest residential street.” Rob walked in style down the cobblestone path (with a book in hand, of course).
We absolutely loved shooting with Rob. He was incredibly open to checking out new and different places, and his confident attitude blended well with his fashionable sense of style (he could rock the sweater-khakis look). And since he loves theater, maybe he will consider hiring JPG to take his future headshots! Thanks, Rob!
Corinne and Lynn

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