A Traffic-Stopping Wedding with a Best Dog

It is always fun having dogs in a wedding. I’m a huge dog lover and have two myself. So, we at JPG completely support couples that want their four-legged best friend to hang out on their special day. And that’s exactly what Maureen and Bob did.
They chose one of our favorite, pet-friendly hotels for Maureen and her bridal party to primp, Hotel Monaco. It’s so stylish and allows us to get some great shots of weddings with dogs in them. Maureen and Bob’s pooch is no exception. The typically elegant pictures of the bride getting ready were made so much more special with their dog, lying serenely on Maureen’s lap.
We did a first look at a spot adjacent to the Second National Bank along Independence Mall. It was a really sweet moment, right on the brick walkway, in the sunshine.
Then, the wedding party braved city traffic for awesome photos on South Broad Street. That shot is definitely a typical photo request for me. We get the couple, (or in this case, the entire wedding party) to stand on the median for a time-lapse photo that frames them with the big buildings and blur of traffic. Maureen and Bob’s whole wedding party helped us to stop traffic. They were all so helpful and fun to work with.
Finally, we used the Cescaphe Trolley to get everyone to Rittenhouse Square. You never know what to expect when shooting outdoors, but wow the light was beautiful that day! We used the sunshine to add a little drama to a typical northeastern winter day that can be really bland and grey. Even in January, if you go at the right time, you can make it look like it’s not winter at all.
Both the ceremony and reception were at The Cescaphe Ballroom. We were stoked about that. Not only are we their preferred photography vendor but the food is phenomenal and the staff is always so professional and inviting.
No matter where you get married, having the ceremony and reception in the same place is a great move! Everyone is already where they need to be. Cescaphe made the space so intimate and classy for the ceremony, then turned it over and made it a whole new, spectacular setup for the reception.
We were so proud to be there for Maureen and Bob’s super fun and elegant night, for both photo and video. We wish all them all the best in their love and beautiful union.
Best, Joe G.
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