Photography and Videography for Democrats, #DNCDEALS

I was standing in The Columbus Club Room at Washington D.C.’s Union Station, documenting an ambassador’s retirement party with his family when we began talking about my hope that I would have the opportunity to photograph a DNC Convention within my lifetime. Little did I know, two years later I would have that bucket list opportunity in my own hometown. The JPG team couldn’t be more excited to produce photography and videography for Democrats, and offer #dncdeals to all affiliated with the convention.
JPG Photography is proud to have a team of talented, moment-driven photographers able to document everything in and around the DNC Convention, which begins one month from today. We have already been reserved for half a dozen events in the city, and have reserved the staff to be on call for photography and videography production as needed. With our years of experience documenting democratic candidates, I feel confident that our team will go above and beyond the expectations to witness, capture, and share the story as it unfolds. I’m proud to serve as one of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney‘s photographers, documenting the good work Philadelphians are undertaking every day.
I served as a volunteer all week at the DNC’s Charlotte Convention in 2012, so I know how amazing this opportunity will be for Philadelphia and the party. I know our great city is ready to support liberty, democracy and compromise to create necessary change for a better future led by the Democratic Party.
JPG is offering a special reduced rate for DNC-related event coverage, #DNCDEALS, while the convention is in town, and I look forward to showcasing the work of the Democratic Party, through its candidates, delegates, and supporters, to benefit our great nation. We consider this our “we want you to win” rate. Let’s make the Democratic Party look organized, serious about progressive change and the party of the people. Give the studio a call for any inquiries, and good luck. 888.574.3686, or 267.297.5316.
Best, Joe G
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