Photographer Spotlight: Chloe


Chloe always finds something a little extra special in a session. Whether it’s silliness bursting out of a child in a moment of play with their parents, or the tenderness of a hug from grandma on a wedding day, Chloe always sees and captures it with a perspective that brings the viewer in. Looking at her work, you can feel the emotions her subjects felt in the instant her shutter clicked.

Our Studio Director, Cindi, sat down with Chloe to talk more about how she works and what she loves about being a part weddings.

You started working with JPG in 2018 as an editor in our studio and as a photographer. Tell me more about how you found us and what drew you to the position.
So when I found the job listing with JPG, I was actually on a plane in Germany. I was between jobs and working freelance gigs, editing, assisting. But I knew I wanted to be in a more structured environment within the creative realm. I liked that every session was different, and there is a mix of jobs like weddings that are planned out well in advance, as well as things that come up a little quicker. There is also lots of room to grow as a photographer, with work between our corporate clients, portrait sessions, and wedding related events. And JPG takes a very team based approach, which is a more effective way to grow.

What’s something that helps you connect to a client and deliver great images?
I always like making people happy. I think about what I would want to walk away with from a session and what’s important to them. Do they want more focus on family, the little details? I’m also generally a curious person. I’m always asking questions and listening to people talk about themselves to find common ground.

Do you have a favorite moment to capture on a wedding day?
I love the toasts, especially the reactions of the couple. Their reactions are the most genuine then. The people giving toasts love the couple so much, and the couple is really only focused on the person talking, not worrying about the rest of what’s happening that day.

What’s something you wish couples knew? Either about the process of planning a wedding or the day itself.
As someone who just got married – there’s a lot of specifics you’ll worry about, but try and be as present as possible. This is such a great day and this day only happens once. If the cake’s the wrong flavor or the weather isn’t ideal, does it really matter?

You have a special knack for finding the small and special moments. What helps you do that?
I’m always observing, not necessarily always photographing. I take note of everything that people are doing and the things that are going on (That sounds really creepy!). If I hear something going on, I’m going to investigate. I like to wait for the moment and be at the ready, not just taking photos to take photos.

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their wedding?
Go with your instincts. Whatever vendors you choose, make sure you vibe with them. And it’s never a bad idea to hire a planner.

Check out Chloe’s full portfolio!

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