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Photographer & Videographer, Wedding, Engagement, Family


My photographs and video practices are primarily documentary, and revolve around my fascination with humanity. In my work I emphasize how environments, social interactions, and daily tasks are different from one subject to the next. Creating a visual dialogue with my viewers, I invite them to the world of another, and allow them to exercise their own morals and judgement through my pieces.

While photographing and capturing footage, I tend to capture moments where and when they naturally occur. I usually don’t set scenes, rather, I approach my subjects with the intention of documenting their current living situations, and normal everyday tasks. I often meet people though social networking, and create a foundation of my work though conversation. I want to emphasize the differences in norms, and how lives can be completely different from one another.

My work questions the collective assumptions of today’s society, and provides an outlook into the world unknown. I pry open the closed doors of people’s lives, and provide an in-depth observation to everyday happenings.

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