Newborn Portraits @ Philadelphia Home

Newborn portraits are a welcome break from the craziness of wedding photography! I love to photograph newborns not only because they’re so precious, but also because of the relaxed nature of the shoots. Usually the babies we photograph are only a few weeks old, so they sleep through most of the process. Leslie and Joe gave us the opportunity to help them welcome their new baby girl with in-house portraits! Walking into their home to see a large picture from their wedding (shot by JPG) was definitely a plus.
We utilized the natural light streaming through the large windows in Leslie and Joe’s front room. I prefer using natural light when photographing newborns. Harsh lighting with bright flashes is at odds with something so pure and delicate as a newborn baby. The light from the window, and the warm embrace of daddy’s arms made for one happy little girl, who was content the whole time.
This lovely little girl is Leslie and Joe’s first child, and their excitement was evident when changing her outfits and interacting with their baby. Their family dog was definitely a little jealous of all the attention the new baby was getting! It was awesome to see how excited they were as new parents, and it’s easy to tell how much they adore their daughter.
We can’t wait to see how Leslie and Joe’s family continues to grow over the years. Moments like these make me proud to be a photographer!
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