Let JPG Photo & Video Livestream Your Wedding!

At JPG Photo & Video, we believe this year has completely changed our industry and how we go about our events moving forward. We’ve had to adjust, adapt, and adjust again to be able to keep up with restrictions and our clients’ needs as COVID-19 still threatens the state of the world. We always mask up and show up, but we really feel for our clients who have had to reschedule events multiple times or significantly downsize from their dream wedding with all of their families and friends.

Think of your next big event on the books. Do you even have one? If so, will everyone be there? Whether it’s immunocompromisation, travel or geographical distance, or just a personal decision, people are changing their habits and what they’re comfortable doing. Rest assured that whenever you decide you want to get married, JPG Photo & Video will have your back so that you can count everyone in, even though they might not all be there physically in-person.

In 2020, we updated our video production capabilities to make any event more accessible to a wider audience than just those who can physically be in the room via livestreaming events. This is not a shaky, single-camera operation with bad audio and unreliable connectivity such as Facebook or Instagram live. Our Video Production Manager Andrew has created the capability of our team producing your livestream event video with a three to four professional camera live-switch integration, which adds a dynamic quality to your livestream. We have the ability to add graphics, logos, and nameplates live, as well as adding input from a computer monitor which we can rescale to present as a video, much like as you see on the local and national news. Your friends and family will be able to follow along to your big day from the comfort of their own living rooms, wherever in the world that may be, without having to compromise their safety. We can capture your ceremony, speeches, and any other important aspect of your day that you want to share with those who can’t be there. The best part is, livestreaming simultaneously records as it streams, so you get a mini wedding video out of this as well!

This product is a discreet, professional broadcast through multiple cameras. This level of production quality can’t be produced with standard social media livestreaming that friends or family could do for you. These livestreams can make any event look sleek, professional, effortless, and can allow all the aspects of your wedding to be communicated flawlessly to your viewers. 

We also have the ability to read comments from your viewers, and people at the event can address their viewers directly through a mic with any message they may have for them. We see this product as an industry-standard offering going forward, and we’re far ahead of the competition with getting the ball rolling with our setup and integration. You say the word, give us your date, and we’ll be there whether we’re joining our photo and/or video team, or if you hire us separately! Really all we need is a table (which we can provide if necessary), and some outlets. Really, you can leave the rest to us and rest assured that your friends and family won’t miss out on this important day. 

We are booking fast and have a small team, so getting in contact with us as soon as possible to see how we can help you livestream your wedding would be advantageous! We look forward to streaming with you!


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