How can I design an album?

I’ve always said that designing albums is my favorite part of my job. It lets me be a small part of someone’s story, creating something that they and future generations in their family will look at for years to come. I can’t help being a sentimental person! Even though having an album is absolutely worth the effort, I know that the process of creating one can be overwhelming and stressful. You have to consider what images you want and what the layout should be, let alone what the outside cover looks like.

I never want the thought of going through this process to be the reason someone decides to forgo an album. That’s why I help you through every step. Instead of having you choose all the images, I ask for a few of your favorites so I can use those as inspiration for my design. Even though we have a wide selection of cover fabrics, I always give you my suggestions. We’ll even have a video call to finalize the design, iron out the details for the cover, and make sure you love the way your album looks. I’ll never let you get lost in the sea of options, and you will always have the final say on any decision.

No one likes to feel like they’re taking a shot in the dark, especially on something they’ll be looking at for decades to come. I’d love to guide you through this process and create a high quality, beautiful album for you to keep your memories in. You can take a look at my schedule to book your consultation!

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