Gustavo’s Work

Photographer & Videographer, Wedding, Engagement


Photography has always interested Gustavo. But it wasn’t until he was studying abroad in Italy that the interest really took off. Living in Rome, Gustavo used his down time to visit cathedrals, piazzas, markets, and cities, and used them as his subjects. After honing his skills abroad, Gustavo was asked to teach a photography course stateside to adults who were learning English as their second language. Once he got the hang of teaching his students English as well as a new skill, he was encouraged by the class’ enthusiasm for learning and expressing themselves through a new artform.

Gustavo takes pride in creating images that are meaningful and significant to his subjects, and he truly believes in the power of photography to bring people together. “Every photograph is a product of the culture we live in. It says something of who we are and how we want to be perceived. They will be the artifacts that future generations will look at and feel a connection with people and events of the past.”

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