Heather & Patty’s Free Library of Philadelphia Wedding

Last June, JPG  shot Heather and Patty’s gorgeous Free Library of Philadelphia wedding. Heather and Patty are a wonderful, fun-loving couple to be around, and we had a great time documenting their special day. We started off by taking portraits of the couple getting ready at Le Meridien, a luxury hotel located in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood. Both Heather and Patty are close to their families, and it was sweet to see their parents help them get ready for their wedding. They kept their rings in a book with a heart carved into the pages, which was something cool that we hadn’t seen before.
After the couple got ready, we took some more portraits in the hotel’s beautiful atrium, which featured some incredible architecture. Most couples prefer to take a limo to the wedding ceremony, but Heather and Patty opted to walk instead, and they received quite a few compliments. We snapped a few great shots with Philadelphia City Hall in the background as well as a few of the couple on the grounds around the Barnes Foundation Art Museum with their reflection in the water.
At this gorgeous Free Library of Philadelphia wedding, and Heather and Patty let us shoot them goofing around between the bookcases. These Free Library of Philadelphia wedding photos are a great showcase of the couple’s closeness and connection. The library’s rooftop is an amazing place to have a wedding because it boasts one of the best views of Philadelphia’s skyline you can find. The officiant was charismatic, wise and a joy to see. One of the sweetest moments of the day was when a relative read a passage about love out of a children’s book. After the wedding, the DJ did a fantastic job of getting people out and moving on the dance floor. One guest decided to dance shirtless, if that tells you anything about how crazy their party got. Thanks for having us document your special day, Heather and Patty!
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