Corporate Marketing and Advertising with Video

Video has the power to convey a message that a single photo does not. The exponential expansion of video on social media platforms has made motion films a necessity in contemporary corporate marketing and business advertising. Our team has expanded corporate and business advertising with video in order to better serve our corporate clients, big and small.
JPG Photo & Video has years of experience taking your ideas, and developing that into compelling messaging and visuals. Whether you are looking for a short introductory film to raise awareness about your business or develop a brand loyalty video with custom messaging and script writing, the creative team at JPG is available.
These films are perfect for a recurring social media campaign, web site or part of a larger broadcast advertising campaign. Instagram and Facebook spots are awareness to a business or event. We will work with you to capture the essence of your business to produce captivating spots tailored for your clients. We want to leave viewers not only aware, but interested, eager, and inspired to learn more.
Films are also an important tool businesses use to expand their base and reinvigorate their existing loyal clientele. Clients would learn more about you, what you do every day, and how your product and services come to life. It is better to show your spirit, rather than tell it. But as all great filmmakers know, the best films are driven by the best stories. JPG will collaborate to create a script we can weave into authentic, on-site footage of you and your team doing what they do best.

See examples of our corporate videos

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney visits with some eager Pre-K students at Children’s Playhouse during Philadelphia’s second week of PHL PreK (filmed by Joe G., edited by Laura):

We love working with Make-A-Wish America, who commissioned some longer features from us to give their audiences a firsthand look into the lives of the families they work with and the incredible wishes they grant (filmed by Gustavo and Laura, edited by Laura):

Goat’s Beard, a local craft whiskey and beer bar and favorite Manayunk restaurant of ours, asked us to document the inner workings of their restaurant on a typical night of service while featuring their signature cocktails, accolades, and atmosphere (filmed by Laura and Ricky, edited by Laura):

Make-A-Wish America and Keyon invited us to celebrate his 10th birthday in style. (filmed by Gustavo, edited by Laura):

Over the year, we’ve created a series of videos for Danella Construction Company that establish a strong brand and corporate identity. Clients can rely on seeing friendly faces and consistent work when they see a new feature from Danella (filmed by Ricky, Gustavo, Joe G., and Laura. Edited by Laura):

JPG Photography’s first political campaign commercial for our friend, Rod Snyder, who ran for the House of Delegates in West Virginia, and the 30-second commercial that aired on TV. “Let’s work together to put people first in West Virginia.” (filmed by Laura, Joe G., and Dave C. edited by Laura):

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