A Day in the Life: Family Photojournalism in Detroit

One of my favorite types of shoots is our “Day in the Life” family shoots. We aim to capture those seemingly insignificant everyday moments that make up a life together: sharing a meal, playing on the living room carpet, hosting tea parties, or even riding in the car. Sam and Amanda are good friends of ours from when they lived in Philadelphia, and it was really nice to see them in their new home in Detroit. Now, (Am I allowed to say this, or is it super biased?) their daughter Madeline is the cutest kid ever. Madeline decided to sleep in that morning, a rarer than rare occurrence, so we were able to chat over breakfast before starting our day. When Madeline wandered into the kitchen in her watermelon jammies, we could hardly stand how cute she was!
After having some chocolate chip banana bread, which ended up all over Madeline’s face, we spent sometime photographing the family playing together. Seeing Sam and Amanda interact with their beautiful daughter was a true testament to the joys of parenthood. It was incredible to see her imagination at work at such an early age! When we were all played out, we decided to get dressed up for a trip to feed the ducks at the local park. Once we got there, Madeline wanted nothing to do with it! We managed to get a few good shots in before heading home for a nap. This is why we love to do these shoots with young kids– it’s so hard to anticipate when they’ll be awake or hungry or ready to play. It allows us to get a feel for your family and that helps us to take better pictures of your little ones!
When Madeline woke up it was almost time to have dinner. While Sam was grilling, we decided to give Madeline her first taste of corn on the cob. To our delight, she loved it! One of my favorite pictures from the day is one of the three of them chowing down on corn together. According to her parents she is practically addicted to corn since then. They even give it to her on long car rides to keep her occupied. This is why we LOVE photojournalism! These pictures turned out so much better than they would have had we taken posed photos. We put together a short video (on our iPhones, not professional equipment!) of some highlights from the day. Scroll down to watch it!
We loved spending time with our friends Samandaline and preserving these small moments from just another day in the life forever!
Best, Rebecca
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Had a wonderful time visiting our friends Sam Srauy and Amanda Browning and sharing in Madeline’s first corn on the cob!
Posted by Rebecca Lauren Gidjunis on Thursday, August 6, 2015


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